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Wilmarys Moreno without rival in the Tour of Venezuela

The cyclist commands the individual general without problems with a time of 11 hours, 27 minutes and 46 seconds

Wilmarys Moreno did the double and with that victory practically sealed the title of the Women's I Tour of Venezuela, after completing the fifth and penultimate stage.

The native of Nueva Esparta state, managed 2 hours, 20 minutes and 43 seconds, escorted by the novel Anghelbis Del Valle (Angie González Carabobo Foundation).

While third place was taken by Katiuska García (Shimano La Guaira, 7″), to close the podium.

Wilmarys Moreno easily leads the individual general with a time of 11 hours, 27 minutes and 46 seconds.

For her part, María Rueda (Multimarcas Miranda, at 3'13") is second, while her teammate Rosimber Montaño (at 4'26").

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The fifth section was 78 kilometers long, starting and finishing at the Paseo Cabriales bridge with the passage to Avenida Cedeño.

With a total of 12 turns of 6,5 kilometers, in which four sprints were held.

intermediate emotions

Wilmarys Moreno, took the first lap escorted by Katiuska García and Rosimber Montaño.

It was a group of 20 riders, who when passing against the finish line were 1'08 ahead of another lot, but always with Margariteña Moreno in front.

How it happened in the first chapter where he managed to wear the pink one, a jersey that he has not released.

Karla Barrios (Team La Roca-Monagas) got loose on the way to the end of the fourth lap, although Moreno also jumped off the lot in search of the escape.

The second sprint was also credited by Moreno, to his wheel Anghisbel Del Valle (Angie González Carabobo Foundation) and closed, together with the group Marianny González (Cojedes Selection).

Get back the sprint jersey

Wilmarys Moreno won the fourth and last sprint, on the eighth lap, his wheel Karelia Machado and Daniela Moncada dotted.

That leaves Moreno again as líder of the modality with 34 points, the youthful Daniela Moncada, who is now second (Import Bike El Vigía, 28 pts) and Karelia Machado, third (19).

Upon completing the ninth turn, Wilmarys Moreno, with some sporadic attacks from her opponents, left the lot together with Katiuska García Shimano La Guaira), the same

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