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ATP suspends judge for sexist comments to a ball boy

La ATP suspended the Italian chair judge on Tuesday Gianluca Moscarella, who directed sexist comments to a ball boy and encouraged the Portuguese Pedro Sousa during a game of Challanger from Florence against the Italian Enrico DellaValle.

«You are fantastic, very sexy. You're good? Are you hot Physically or emotionally? »Were the words addressed by Moscarella to a ball boy during the pause in the game last Thursday between Sousa and Della Valle.

These statements were captured by the microphones placed on the court of the Florence tournament, in a duel in which Moscarella also encouraged Sousa while his rival had momentarily moved away.

«Strength, dear Pedro, stay focused. Two minutes and this is over. It's very hot today, play with concentration please. I am too old to stay on the court for more than two hours, "the judge told Sousa.

I kill you, I kill you. Stay focused please. They are games that you can win 6-1 and 6-1. You had 45 break balls, "he added.

Given the seriousness of this behavior, the ATP decided to suspend Moscarella, as reported by the Italian media on Tuesday.

"We know of a series of episodes that had to do with the chair judge Gianluca Moscarella in a match between Pedro Sousa and Enrico Della Valle in the Challenger tournament in Florence last week. Moscarella has been immediately removed and an investigation has been opened, ”explained the ATP, in a note published by the Italian media.

The match ended with a victory 7-5, 4-6 and 6-4 by Pedro Sousa against Della Valle, in two hours and 23 minutes. EFE

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