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triple play for beginners

Enjoy a new installment of "Tripleplay" by Humberto Acosta

Did you know that the first time the Gold Glove was awarded to the most notable fielders in the major leagues, was in the 1957 season? The winners were Bobby Shantz, pitcher for the New York Yankees. Sherman Lollar, catcher for the Chicago White Sox. Vic Power, from Puerto Rico, first baseman for the Cleveland Indians. Frank Bolling, second baseman for the Detroit Tigers. Frank Malzone, third baseman for the Boston Red Sox. Roy McMillan, shortstop for the Cincinnati Reds. Cuban Orestes Miñoso, left fielder for the Chicago White Sox. Willie Mays, center fielder for the New York Giants, and Al Kaline, right fielder for the Detroit Tigers.

Did you know that beginning with the 1958 campaign, the Most Valuable award was given in every league? American League: pitcher, Bobby Shantz, New York Yankees. Catcher, Sherman Lollar, Chicago White Sox. First baseman, Puerto Rican Vic Power, first baseman for the Cleveland Indians. Second baseman, Frank Bolling, Detroit Tigers. Third baseman, Frank Malzone, Boston Red Sox. Shortstop, Venezuelan Luis Aparicio, Chicago White Sox. Left fielder, Norm Siebern, New York Yankees. Center fielder, Jimmy Piersall, Boston Red Sox. Right fielder, Al Kaline, Detroit Tigers… National League: pitcher, Harvey Haddix, Cincinnati Reds. Catcher, Del Crandall, Milwaukee Braves. First baseman, Gil Hodges, Los Angeles Dodgers. Second baseman, Bill Mazeroski, Pittsburgh Pirates. Third baseman Ken Boyer, St. Louis Cardinals. Shortstop, Roy McMillan, Cincinnati Reds. Left fielder, Frank Robinson, Cincinnati Reds. Center fielder, Willie Mays, San Francisco Giants. Right fielder, Hank Aaron, Milwaukee Braves.

You know who the fielders are, up until last season, with at least 18 Gold Gloves under their belt by position? Pitchers: Greg Maddux, 16, and Jim Kaat, 13. Catchers: Iván Rodríguez, 10, and Johnny Bench, 11. First baseman, Keit Hernández, 10. Second baseman: Roberto Alomar, 16. Third baseman: Brooks Robinson, 10 , and Mike Schmidt 13. Shortstop: Ozzie Smith, 11, and Venezuelan Omar Vizquel, 12. Outfielders, Puerto Rican Roberto Clemente and Willie Mays, 10. Al Kaline, Ken Griffey Jr., Japanese Ichiro Suzuki and Curaçaoan Andruw Jones , XNUMX.

Did you know who is the active player who has won the most Gold Gloves? Third baseman Nolan Arenado with nine, as of 2013 in the National League, span of service in the major leagues. Eight with the San Diego Padres, and one with the St. Louis Cardinals in 2021.

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