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César Tovar, the malicious (3)

fourth game

On August 13, 1970, he found César Tovar and the Minnesota Twins in Washington, where they would face the Senators. As was customary, new manager Bill Rigney slotted Tovar as the starting lineup and left fielder, while Dick Bosman was the starting pitcher for the Senators.

The Venezuelan wasted no time, and in the opening of the first inning, he bunted the ball to the sides of third base, where the heavy Frank Howard was, to score an infield single.

However, it would be the only hit Bosman would allow in the game. The Twins would have only one other baserunner the rest of the game, by walk in the sixth inning, as Tovar flopped his next three at-bats.

It was the third out with a ground ball at the hands of Bosman in the third inning, in the sixth inning, he hit for a double play with one out and a runner on first base, and in the ninth it was the final out of the game with another hit at hands of pitcher Bosman. Washington won 1-0.

Aside from his fourth game blowing a no-hit, no-run game, 1970 was Tovar's first big offensive year in the majors.

For the first time he had an offensive average above 300 points, finished with .300 with 195 hits in 650 at-bats, and was líder of the American League with 36 doubles and 13 triples.

fifth game

On May 31, 1975, Tovar was sold by the Oakland Athletics to the Texas Rangers, and that same day he made his home debut against the New York Yankees. As designated hitter and leadoff hitter, he was welcomed by manager Frank Lucchesi.

Jim “El Catgre” Hunter was the starter for the Yankees. New York took a 1-0 lead in the first inning on Roy White's RBI single, and in his first at-bat with the Rangers, and his first in the first inning, Tovar grounded out to the side of third base.

Then it was the third out of the third, but in the sixth he had the first hit Hunter would receive, a single to center field with the bases clean and two outs. It was the only hit Hunter would receive from the Rangers' sluggers en route to a 6-0 win.

In fact, no other Rangers hitter got to base between the seventh and ninth innings.

That is how César Tovar's offensive epic culminated, becoming the first batter in the history of the major leagues to connect the only uncatchable hit of the opposing team and winner in five games, meanwhile ruining the starting pitcher and winner, the dream of the always longed for game without hits or runs.

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