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Baseball and its unforgettable rules

Enjoy a new installment of "Tripleplay" by Humberto Acosta

There is a bit of everything in the taste for rules. However, there are some that appeal to fans like no other, and at this point, the record-breaking ones represent the cream of the crop for fans. With how many home runs and with how many hits will Miguel Cabrera finish his stay in the big leagues, now that he is already in the final part of his career? Something for which precisely baseball experts love this sport, is for its numbers. The numbers that they take from a scoreboard, or reflected in the sports pages of the newspapers of their daily and annual statistics, are enough for them, and they themselves are in charge of visualizing conclusions and foreseeing the future of the players, as has happened this season with Miguel Cabrera. Where will he be once the last day of the 2022 regular season rolls around?

Let's look at this example of what is expressed in the record book. Do you have any idea how the famous statistics are calculated? To calculate the percentage of games won and lost for a team or a pitcher, divide the number of games won by the total games won and lost. And if you want to know precisely what Miguel Cabrera's batting average is, divide the total number of his connected hits by the total times at bat. What about earned runs for pitchers? It is simpler than we might suppose. Multiply the total earned runs scored against his pitches by every nine innings, and divide the summary by the number of innings the pitcher has pitched. Also, for the pitcher to compete for an award, he must be the pitcher who has pitched at least as many innings as the number of games scheduled for each team that season.

However, this not all. How can a batter or a pitcher compete or aspire to be the líder of the season in batting? The individual batting champion will be the slugger with the highest batting average, provided he is accepted for at-bats or more opportunities at the plate, in the league championship games, as the number of games scheduled for each team. in said league that season, multiplied by 3.1. However, there would be an exception. If there is any player with fewer than the required number of plate appearances, it would be the highest if the required number of plate appearances were charged as official times at bat, then that player would be awarded the batting championship.

On Friday, we'll continue our journey through some of the stats that fans are so drawn to.

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