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Eduardo Álvarez led to electoral conflict in the COV

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The electoral conflict that the Venezuelan Olympic Committee is going through today has been fueled by the president of this entity, Eduardo Álvarez, with his stubborn challenge to the Sports Law and its Partial Regulation Number 1, to the point that in the reform carried out the statutes of the VOC made any reference to this legal instrument, approved unanimously by the national parliament, disappear.

The Sports Law grants the Board of Directors of the National Sports Institute to give legal recognition to the entities that promote sports, as is the case of the National Federations, which in turn make up the Venezuelan Olympic Committee and elect every four years the authorities of the highest organization of the national Olympic movement.

To vote in the COV elections, it is mandatory that the federations have legally constituted authorities and that they have been elected in participatory, transparent and democratic processes as ordered by the National Constitution, the Organic Law of Electoral Processes, and the Sports Law itself and its Regulations. .

But the president of the COV, in flagrant violation of the Sports Law, decided to grant recognition to a series of federations that lack legality due to various irregularities. In December of last year there was already a first conflict due to the authoritarianism of the highest Olympic authority.

A group of federations denounced before the Supreme Court of Justice the vices that were being committed in the electoral process of the COV, and the Electoral Chamber of the TSJ appointed an Electoral Commission ad honoren, made up of five federations, a representative of the COV and another of the Institute Nacional de Deporte to organize the voter registry and the elections scheduled for January 5. 

Instead of respecting the decision of the TSJ, Álvarez sent a letter to the International Olympic Committee to denounce that "a sector of the government" had interference in the decisions of the VOC, when the reality was that the national Olympic authorities were plotting to organize spurious elections. . The IOC paralyzed the elections and last April, under the supervision of the representatives of the IOC and the Pan American Sports Organization, the federations elected a new Electoral Commission to hold the COV elections on May 18.

In another outburst of authoritarianism, Álvarez wanted to go over the electoral commitments assumed before the international Olympic authorities, and called an Extraordinary Assembly last Monday with the purpose of ignoring the unanimously elected Electoral Commission, under the supervision of the IOC. , and name another to suit you. The reason is simple. The Electoral Commission approved a voter registry in which illegal federations such as boxing, field tennis, motorcycling, electronic sports, fencing, field hockey, rowing, wushu, sailing, netball and karate do were excluded, to which Álvarez had granted recognition, a legal attribution that only corresponds to the Directory of the IND.

  As is logical, a group of federations made a common front on Monday in the Extraordinary Assembly of the COV and prevented the nonsense of Álvarez and his gang of ignoring the Electoral Commission elected with the approval of the IOC observers.

It will not be surprising that in his desperation Álvarez writes another of his letters, this time requesting the IOC to intervene in the national Olympic movement, all with the purpose of maintaining the private estate into which he has turned this sports entity.

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