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Luis Arráez with enough cards to be part of the WBC

Luis Arráez has become one of the most followed players in this 2022 Major League season.

And how not to when it comes to the líder bat in the MLB, with an average of .359 (12 points above his closest rival, JD Martínez with .347). In addition, each turn of the Venezuelan of the Minnesota Twins has become a true work of art on the field of play.

His 66 hits in 52 games in this 2022 campaign speak of how productive the native of San Felipe (Yaracuy) has been in each of the games he has played, to the point of earning the title with hits everywhere in the field .

In less than the blink of an eye, the baseball world will once again enjoy the World Baseball Classic. Event that has not been held in the United States since 2017 for multiple reasons.

However, this season, beyond serving Arráez as insurance in his current organization, he will also be considered to be part of the lineup that will represent the national tricolor from March 2023.

There have been many debates about what would be the ideal lineup for Venezuela in the WBC. The truth is that there are many names that can sneak into the selection, including names that do not belong to the MLB system, but for Luis Arráez this is not the case.

The Minnesota infielder is emerging, today, as one of the fixed pieces of that list of nine names that could take the field in the first game.

Where to put it and what order at bat? They would be two of the most common questions that can arise when seeing the performance of this Venezuelan, who accumulates a low percentage of 8.5 strikeouts this season (one of the lowest in the game).

There is no doubt that Arraez could function perfectly at the top of the Venezuela lineup. His numbers under that responsibility in this 2022 have been a great incentive for the future manager of this national team.

In 18 games he has served in that position in the offensive lineup, Arraez has 28 hits out of 66 total. Likewise, he records two home runs and seven RBIs with an average of .384. Enough statistics to use José Altuve and Ronald Acuña Jr. (two other top hitters par excellence in Venezuela), in a more offensive position as batter 2nd and 3rd in the order.

Likewise, Arráez's defensive versatility makes him an interesting piece within the nine starters. How can he occupy the third pad, he also knows how to defend left field, serving as a wild card for the Venezuelan coaching staff.

In this 2022 season, he has seen more action at the first pad with 29 games in which he has not yet made mistakes and maintains a fielding percentage of a thousand points. Another peculiarity of this Venezuelan.

Now, faced with so much doubt that Arráez's presence in a hypothetical Venezuelan team could generate, we dared to put together a lineup of only nine players, including the Designated Hitter:

  1. Luis Arraez, LF
  2. Jose Altuve, 2B
  3. Ronald Acuna, CF
  4. Miguel Cabrera, DH
  5. Eugenio Suarez, 3B
  6. Willson Contreras, C.
  7. David Peralta, RF
  8. Jesus Aguilar, 1B
  9. Gleyber Torres, SS
  10. PA. Paul Lopez 


  1. It is true Miguel is a legend but he should be in the reserve as a luxury emerging player there are several players who could occupy the designated position over him without a doubt

  2. Arraez lf, Altuve 2b,, Acuña rf, Aguilar 1b, Gleiber Torres ss, Eugenio Suarez 3b, William Contreras c, Harold Castro o Astudillo bd and Balita Ortega cf.

  3. Ronald Acuna, CF
    Luis Arraez, LF
    Jose Altuve, 2B
    Salvador Perez, C.
    Miguel Cabrera, DH
    David Peralta, RF
    Jesus Aguilar, 1B
    Eduardo Escobar, 3B
    Miguel Rojas, S.S.

    PA. Paul Lopez

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