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Dani Giménez on Christian Santos: He just wanted to say 'here I am'

Dani Gimenez, one of the captains of Sport, has defended this Friday the Venezuelan Christian Santos, He highlighted his contribution to the Galician team's locker room and said that he only wanted to say “here I am” when he complained about his situation, both for the minutes he is given on the pitch and for feeling almost unappreciated in the squad.

"His statements did not seem bad to us because then you see him at work every day and he gives you explanations and I think Christian just wanted to say: 'here I am,'" Giménez said at a press conference.

The goalkeeper warned that "there is no one toxic in the locker room" and confessed that Santos "is one of those players who does everything possible" to foster unity in the group and, in this sense, brought games to the locker room such as a table of table tennis and a dart board.

"It seems nonsense, but it helps to have unity in the team," argued the goalkeeper, who specified that "perhaps" Santos "expressed himself a little wrong" when talking about his situation.

“More than claiming a position in the team, he claimed that he is ready and can be a protagonist, nothing more. It could have been explained a little better,” he added.

Giménez revealed that the player has "qualified the words a little" in the locker room both with his teammates and with the coach and people from the club.

“He would like to play more minutes and he knows that here (in the press room) it is not the way to ask for it, but more on the field. He does his best to play but there are other people ahead. He wanted to convey that he is doing everything he can. He sometimes frustrates a little trying, trying, trying and not being in the eleven. The coach has understood it very well. Christian has explained himself better below (in the locker room)”, reasoned the goalkeeper.


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