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Christian Santos explodes and expresses his discomfort in La Coruña

For the second consecutive season, the Venezuelan international Christian santos It is not having the prominence that it expected or fulfilling the expectations that the Sport when he joined him, a situation that has led him to explode to publicly make his discomfort clear.

Striker Guayana city, raised in Germany and with dual Venezuelan and German nationality, he arrived at Deportivo in 2018, with the team recently relegated, to be a starter and a key player.

With that objective and to make his father happy, born in Ourense and emigrated to Venezuela, he disassociated himself from Alavés, with whom he was active in First Division, and accepted the proposal of the Galician entity.

Interested in the roots of his father, in the Galician culture (he soon started bagpipe classes), he wanted to achieve stability in La Coruña, but on the lawn he has not succeeded.

Deportivo was taken as "an opportunity to vindicate" after in the last season with Alavés he had barely participated in ten matches of League and two of Copa del Rey, with three goals as a contribution.

In the A Coruña team he wanted to "repeat" the performance he offered in the The Netherlands with the NEC Niemejen, to whom he had given 41 goals.

Santos signed for two seasons with the option of one more and his first weeks in La Coruña were complicated as he was injured in a preseason friendly and had to be operated on for an abscess in one foot.

Later, a muscular injury prevented him from being at the start of the season and accused him.

The season ended with 21 games played, six as a starter and three goals, but without continuity in the plans of his first coach in A Coruña, Natxo Gonzalez, nor with Deportivo's second coach that year, Jose Luis Marti.

Already in the winter market last season, his departure was considered and, according to the sports director, Carmel of the Well, the sportsman with "more offers" in that window, but his departure was not consummated.

"He came to be important, he is injured in preseason, when he starts he has to go with the national team, the forwards come out and score goals and in November-December he considers leaving and I understand him and he begins to value things" , reported the head of the sports area in February.

By then, he had already put himself in the hands of a coach and, according to Del Pozo, he had taken "a beastly turn personally."

“He understands that the challenge is to integrate more, participate more, and we are surprised. I am one of those who think that the forwards cannot leave in January. He decided to stay and we were delighted. He is another Christian Santos”, said the sports director nine months ago.

The team was on the brink of promotion in a playoff in which Santos had no participation, and in the summer his departure from the team was again considered, but he continued in the squad.

This season, Deportivo changed the lead, the two top scorers of the previous season left, Quique González and Carlos Fernández, who are in the First Division, and the Venezuelan once again had the intention of being indisputable.

But it has not succeeded either. They arrived Mamadou Kone y Samuele longo to the squad and he has been relegated to the substitution although he has had minutes in the fourteen games that have been played, three as a starter.

He has given the team two goals, including the victory against Oviedo (3-2), the only one that Deportivo has achieved this season.

With the Galician bottom team, the Venezuelan in the background and the team with problems in attack, Santos broke out at a press conference to complain about his situation, feeling practically ignored on the field and at the club.


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