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Neymar does not plan an immediate retirement

The Brazilian star does not know if this will be his last World Cup with the "canarinha"

The Brazilian star Neymar Jr said goodbye to the Qatar 2022 World Cup this Friday when Brazil was defeated for the first time by Croatia in the quarterfinals. The player left in uncertainty if this will be his last World Cup.

With the disappointment of not having advanced to the semifinals as a favorite, the Brazilians feel pain in their hearts and Neymar is no exception.

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At this point, the PSG winger questions his continuity with the cast that has won five World Cups. Now 30 years old, the wily gambler thinks about his retirement, but he hasn't decided yet.

“The head is still hot, I don't think clearly. To say that it is the end would be rushed. I don't close the doors, but I don't guarantee anything either, ”he said in the mixed zone after the match ended.

The media asked the figure if this would be his last World Cup with the national team. His answer was sincere but full of doubts. “A lot to think about now, to reason about. I don't want to say anything right now. I want to take advantage of this time to think about the selection."

For Neymar "it is difficult to assimilate everything that is happening, it seems that it is a nightmare." "I can't believe what is happening. Now it's time to go with the family, hug the closest people who can offer comfort.

Heads up for the outstanding performance in the group stage and round of XNUMX, the canarinha leaves Doha.

This defeat will hurt for a long time. That's why it's so sad. I want to thank the fans for their support, affection and respect from all my teammates. To say that unfortunately we did not achieve our dreams, but that is football », he concluded.

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