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Madeira Club bets on women's football

The Larense club insists that not only a monetary investment is needed but also knowledge

Given the incessant comparison of women's football with men's about not receiving the same income. An interview was held with the majority member of Madeira Club Lara, Ender Luzardo, to expand knowledge about investment in sports with women.

Luzardo declared for the newspaper Líder en deportes that women's soccer in the country has a lot of talent and not only a monetary investment is needed but also knowledge, professionalism and passion for the sport.

"Before, investors did not want to invest because they did not see how their capital or an economic effort would return," he said.

But things have changed and the talent that overflows not only in Venezuela guarantees security when it comes to getting accounts.

«Women's football is giving very good results in the country, I think it will be a great show at an international level. I see with great satisfaction how the teams are competing abroad, but the most important thing is that monetary prizes are beginning to be observed », she declared.

Luzardo: soccer man

For a long time, Luzardo has been linked to national sports, specifically in the state of Lara, where he has been able to perform and gain arduous experience.

«I have the experience and I was the owner of Deportivo Lara where it was in its most critical time as it is now. Since last year I seriously thought about returning to football but with another interest, another approach with women's football.

Thanks to the good performances of the Venezuelans abroad and with the national team, Luzardo set himself the goal of promoting girls' soccer.

“I got in touch with Professor Cresly Lizcano, who is one of the best coaches in the country to form the team and enroll us in the League”, that is how Madeira Club Lara began.

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It is not about having faith, but the years of learning already indicate to this sponsor that "the new image of soccer in Venezuela is the female one."

"I look very favorably on this league, the teams are very compact, it seems to me that there will be a very good final and I also believe that the winner will greatly represent Venezuela in the Copa Libertadores."

Madeira points to the final

Since the project began, Luzardo's plans are not to go under the table in his year as a debutant in the Women's Futve League. It is not just about winning the Venezuelan championship but also advancing towards the Copa Libertadores.

"In Venezuela there is too much material on hand, for example there are two Lara teams in the first division that are very good and I see one of the two in the final," he said.

His idea of ​​returning to tricolor football is in style and the squad is doing so. Currently, the team is in second place (16 points) in the group B classification.

To obtain this and better results, the partner highlighted the importance of "development, monitoring and support from the Venezuelan Football Federation and private companies",

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