Monday, August 15, 2022
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Farías' Bolivia makes Reinier's Brazil blush

The Venezuelan César Farías conducts as a conductor a Bolivian team that defeated Uruguay and this Tuesday left Brazil on the ropes, although with great regret they lost 5-3 to give Group B of the Pre-Olympic a day of emotions as unexpected as turbulent.

Brazil, classified today in the final phase of the tournament that grants two places to the Tokyo Olympic Games, consolidated itself as líder of the perfect income, since he won in his three starts, although he showed feet of clay against an opponent who did not become self-conscious when he saw himself as a loser from 2 minutes.

Despite the defeat, Farías's men will play this Friday, on the last day, for qualification against a Peruvian team that also lost, but retain their options.

While Paraguay rested and watched its weapons to challenge Brazil with the knife between its teeth, Uruguay, which without pyrotechnics today beat Peru by the minimum, will have to pray, because it will not play, so that the results it needs to pass with a miracle.


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