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Tolisano: "Villanueva's goal changed the planning of the season"

The illustrious 2019 campaign of the Deportivo Táchira technical director, Juan Domingo Tolisano, was collapsed at minute 89:44 of the final of the Clausura Tournament with the header of the Caracas defender Rosmel Villanueva that ended up giving the title to the Avilanian cast. The tachirense coach summed up last season in a Live for "La Tele Tuya."

“That goal on the hour changed the planning of the season. It was difficult for us to retain several of the players, but I think that if they had been champions they would not have moved. The week between the game and the return leg was difficult for us. The fall of the kid from the presidential box and several other things affected the spirits of the campus ”.

“With the Monday newspaper it is easier to do an analysis. That if José (Contreras) had played there would have been a man at the first suit, but it is not easy. The rival also plays ”, he commented.

Regarding the training process within the brindle organization, Tolisano said that “we have been polishing a project that we have worked on over the years. The intention is to strengthen the lower categories. We are in the ability to dare. I am aware enough of knowing where I am. Táchira's coach lives a lot of tension. I followed the cycles of Carlos Maldonado and Daniel Farías. Now I understand many situations that they experienced ”, he assimilated.

If there is something that the Táchira fan has, it is identity and love for the aurinegro shirt. The Andean pilot reflected on this issue. «It is difficult to please everyone. The fan wants Táchira to always win with a team full of locals, but to bring the best players and foreigners from the country. And so the media because they are fanatics. The idea is that the tachirense player, or of the minor categories, can be promoted to the first team, polish them and bring consolidated players that strengthen an identity in the institution ”, he said.


Tolisano in statements for TLT

Before the start of the harvest, the Aurinegra institution did not provide the spaces for the more than 10 regional stations to broadcast the Andean giant's games. The driver and also a Bachelor of Social Communication reviewed the case.

“The radio thing hurts me, I have colleagues with whom I worked there. I hope it can be solved because this team is great because of what it means and the value they give it as journalists. The fact that when the team arrives there are six or seven microphones waiting for the players live implies a different pressure. I think there is the disposition of the club and the media ”, he confessed.

Tolisano protects his quarantine from his hometown (San Cristóbal) and ended by reflecting on the next step that he will process in times of pandemic. “We have to celebrate every little step we take. Soccer dreams in this country do not stop. You have to be home for now, enjoy this time and come back with more strength ”, he concluded.

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