Monday, August 15, 2022
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The Futve League returns to the past

The new Liga Futve championship is a return to the old days and the regularity of the results. It will also be a test bench for the project of the Argentine José Pékerman, who asked to eliminate the rule of mandatory aligning a player at the age limit, and create a Reserve Tournament (under-23) to develop and polish new talents. .

The Extraordinary General Assembly that brought together the representatives of the 16 teams of the highest category approved that Wednesday the proposal of the board of the Liga Futve, headed by Akram Almatni and Manuel De Oliveira.

It goes back to the times before 1996 when the championship was divided into Apertura and Clausura Tournaments, in imitation of Argentine soccer. Now there will be a single tournament that will start on the 24th and will end in November. The regular phase in which 16 teams will compete will be held in round-trip matches, with a system of all against all over 30 dates. The worst team in this regular phase will be relegated to Liga Futve 2.

The division into regional groups is also put to an end, as happened in 2020 as a result of the covid-19 pandemic. The second phase of the tournament comprises three six-game home runs in round-trip matches. The first four of the qualifying round will look for places in the group and preliminary stage of the Copa Libertadores. The first and second, in turn, will go for the title to a single match at the headquarters of the best classified in the first phase.

From fifth to place twelve they will be divided by lot into two groups of four teams each. The seeds will be those located in fifth and sixth place in the regular phase. The two best teams from the A and B finals will qualify for the Suramericana.

The obligation to include a rule player in the line-up was eliminated, as recommended by Pékerman. Instead a sub-23 tournament will be played. In addition, the number of foreigners was expanded. Instead of three, five can register, and four of them may coincide on the court

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