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Game vision | Synchronization returned to the Olympic

The Caracas was once again the synchronized chronograph with the start, stop and reset buttons in perfect working order to mark the game times. When every piece of Noel Sanvicente's team occupies its exact position, it has been unstoppable in the A hexagonal of the Futve League. If something is missing on the field, as happened on Sunday in the classic against Deportivo Táchira, in which Bonsu Osei and Edson Castillo were absent due to warnings, the functioning and dynamics of the team suffers, declines and is vulnerable. It was not what happened to Monagas.

The capital squad quickly overcame the emotional blow of the defeat in Pueblo Nuevo and regained the synchronicity of their game at the Olímpico. In twenty minutes of intensity, he devastated the tactical device of three centrals arranged by Jhonny Ferreira to contain the attack of the Avilanians.

But the success of Caracas does not refer exclusively to the explosive trident made up of Osei, Samson Akinyoola and Richard Celis. One of his greatest virtues lies in the intelligence of Leonardo Flores and Edson Castillo to initiate transitions. They always receive at the sides, in that no-man's-land left by rival strikers and midfielders. With time and space they change the rhythm playing one touch so that Osei and Celis attack on the wings, and Akinyoola concludes the plays with his speed and power. The second goal against Monagas, in which Osei overflowed for Akinyoola to shoot Caprio, was the product of that timing in the movements that has turned Caracas into a crusher.

If Monagas did not win the Olímpico, as happened before with La Guaira and Estudiantes de Mérida, it was due to the pull suffered by Akinyoola and forced Sanvicente to protect him in the second half to avoid a more serious injury. The game had 45 minutes left in the second half, because Caracas preferred to freeze the result, and ensure the victory that leaves them at the gates of the final, possibly against Monagas himself, by virtue of the setback suffered by Táchira in Barquisimeto.

True to its custom in recent years, the aurinegro box deflated in the decisive match. His attack has relied heavily on the inexhaustible fuel of Pérez Greco and the energy of Yerson Chacón. But when the youth does not appear in all its fullness, Táchira fades, as happened against Deportivo Lara. Leo González's team controlled the development of the game from one of the most projected midfielders in Futve: Telasco Segovia, a sort of tropical Sergio Busquets, who plays short or long with precision, anticipates and orders his team with its omnipresence.

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