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Giancarlo Maldonado: «Josef and Salomón will give the Selection a lot"

A historical striker of the Venezuelan national team such as Giancarlo Maldonado, highlighted his past as a player in the vinotinto and the present that the Venezuelan team assumes that will now be directed by José Peseiro from Lusitania.

“Before the end of 2019 I had already made the decision to thank football for everything it has given me (to retire). One feels proud of what the surname 'Maldonado' is in Venezuelan soccer, Maldonado commented on his retirement as a player, in a Live for the Instagram account of Your TV, adding the change from court piece to coach. "You have to prepare day by day, I have tried to assimilate this change from being a player to working in the coaching staff," he said.

The litter that went through the process of Caracas was memorable. «I felt part of the national team, it was a group that was there for many years, it is a very beautiful part of my career. I was an important part of the process, important things were achieved that today are remembered a lot and at the same time the current team is supported ”, he stressed.

On his time at Deportivo Táchira, the former red striker praised an aurinegra currency that provided him with valuable opportunities in his honorable career.

«I have been a fan to death since I was little from Táchira, it became my second home. Those people who went to the stadium on the day of my retirement, they made me feel that it was full, I will be grateful for the rest of my life to the people of San Cristóbal ”, highlighted 'El Capo' who revealed what it was like to take away his Liguilla quota of the 2019 Opening Tournament to the organization of his father (Carlos Fabián) Academia Puerto Cabello. «The day I had to eliminate my father, I did not want to enter the field, I went in and scored. A few days after the game he told me that he was proud ”, he reflected.

Maldonado retired with Academia in Pueblo Nuevo with his father directing

Within his synthesis as a professional, the former attacker faced various leagues abroad, having the only opportunity to be in Europe (Spain) with Xerez. "It was a dream to be able to play in Spain, but it was complicated, I came to a team that had just been promoted and had new recruits," he explained.

Maldonado played with Xerez of Spain.

Current Vinotinto process

The dream of going to a world cup for the Venezuelan delegation remains intact, therefore Maldonado emphasized the present of the selection.

"Nowadays, the national team shows that when they want to, they do things well, but everything happens because they are convinced that they can. We are still betting on that dream that we all have, to see the national team in a World Cup. The day the team is convinced that it can, things will improve ”, assimilated the Venezuelan, who added about the Martinez and Rondón duo. "Josef (Martínez) and Salomón (Rondón) are players who will give a lot to the National Team, hopefully the bad time they went through is left behind," he described.

Regarding the statements of his former partner in the wine, Juan Arango, the current technical assistant of the Buenos Aires team said: “The case of Arango was special because of how he retired, Juan gave everything to the National Team and the country. It is more than clear that he is the best player of all time. If I feel that he is right in what he says ”.

In turn, the second historical scorer in Venezuelan soccer culminated by highlighting his favorite target throughout his career as a footballer. «My favorite goal was 1-1 against the Uruguay team. It was very special, especially because of the atmosphere in Maracaibo ”, he concluded.

Maldonado is the second historical scorer of the vinotinto with 22 goals

Since this season, Maldonado has served as technical assistant to his father (Carlos Fabián) in the Puerto Cabello Academy team in the Venezuelan football gold category.

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