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Game Vision | The Futve League needs to compete to avoid economic wreck

Venezuelan professional soccer has been one of the most affected by the effects of the pandemic in Venezuela. Unlike baseball that is played a few months a year and basketball, which can carry out its competitions using the isolation scheme, concentrating the players in bubbles, soccer is governed by the regulations of FIFA and Conmebol that oblige to hold competitions all year.

The Normalization Tournament, held from October to December last year, using the bubble system in Carabobo and Barinas, was an exception. After the paralysis of all sports activities in Venezuela and around the world, the Venezuelan Football Federation had the obligation to resume activities at any time. And the brief Normalization Tournament fulfilled the objective of returning to competitions and establishing, through sports results, the Venezuelan representatives for the Copa Libertadores and Suramericana in 2021.

The Futve League had everything planned to return to the field in April, but the worsening of the pandemic, the product of the most contagious Brazilian variant of covid-19, once again forced the country's sports authorities to stop the start of the championship. The priority is life, protecting and guaranteeing the health of all those who participate in national football, who run the risk of being exposed to contagions, if the players go and come from one side of the country to another to play each day.

No one can oppose in their right mind the measures of the health authorities to restrict the mobility of Venezuelans, including the Liga Futve teams. The problem is that football needs to compete, even if it is behind closed doors, to stay afloat like any other economic activity.

Venezuela is the only country in South America where professional soccer remains paralyzed. Hundreds of players, coaches and technical personnel depend on the resumption of activity to ensure their income and survive from their work, in the midst of this global crisis generated by the invisible enemy.

Playing again under the bubble system, in two or three venues like last year, has been ruled out by teams due to unpayable costs. The president of the Futve League, Akran Almatni, warned that each club would have to spend about $ 400.000 in accommodation and food to keep the squad concentrated in hotels during the eight months that the new season would be played.

What would be the alternative? One of them is that the League contributes the resources to the national government to buy the batch of vaccines necessary in order to protect the players and members of the technical bodies that participate in the championship. Another possibility, which does not cancel the first option, is that it be played in six venues, as proposed by Almatni. Monagas, Capital District, Lara, Carabobo, Barinas and Portuguesa would host the matches of the teams, which would play at home in some of these scenarios, according to their geographical proximity.

The outlook is complicated and it can get worse, if the Futve League does not start up. Because in the absence of competition, teams will face bankruptcy. They will not receive the contributions that FIFA and Conmebol contribute annually for their various programs, nor will they be able to make international transfers for the sale of players or get sponsors.

If the radical lockdown measures take effect, the new championship could begin in mid-April. So in defense of collective health and national football, you have to wear the mask and take care of yourself with more care and responsibility.

FVF committee allows elections during radical quarantine week

of the Venezuelan Football Federation to allow the affiliated associations to carry out their electoral processes in this two weeks of radical quarantine is illegal and violates the government's sanitary measures.

The complaints about all kinds of irregularities rest with the National Electoral Commission of the FVF, but until now the position of the members of the Committee has been looking the other way, let the illegal electoral crimes denounced and validate with their inaction the lack of transparency and democracy to elect the new authorities.

The president of the IND, Juan Carlos Amarante, sent an official letter to all the sports promoting organizations in the country warning that the calendar of the electoral processes should be adapted to the weeks of flexibility. The excuse offered by the FVF Committee is that if the Associations do not carry out their electoral processes before April 4, then they will not be able to participate in the General National Assembly of the FVF, to be held the first week of next May.

Holding elections this week, in addition to rejecting the measures of the country's health authorities, also violates the Electoral Regulations of the FVF, which in article number two states that elections must be carried out with transparency and fairness for the participants.

How can there be fairness in the elections of the entities accused of violating the rules? The most democratic thing would be to review the challenges and respond to the participants, and then hold the most democratic elections in the history of the FVF promised by the Committee.

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