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Futve League tightens nuts to start the tournament

UCV, Zamora, Mineros, Deportivo Lara and Estudiantes will play first

After spending several days of uncertainty regarding the delicate news presented by various teams in the Futve League, it finally seems to be making white smoke for the football party to start with all its ingredients in 2023.

Groups like Caracas, Deportivo La Guaira, Metropolitanos, Academia Puerto Cabello, Portuguesa, Carabobo, Rayo Zuliano, Monagas, Hermanos Colmenárez and Angostura are the most solid in terms of project and economy, which is why they focused on carrying out their preseasons and arming themselves with all the irons for the upcoming commitments that come.

History, on the other hand, turned gray for other teams like Deportivo Táchira, who owe a percentage of prizes to the League.

UCV, Mineros de Guayana and Estudiantes de Mérida did not have a clear future until this week, but they have already caught up with the debts they had thanks to the new management that took over the teams to carry out the championship that begins on the 3rd of February.

Another club like Zamora, which was involved in so much controversy with the non-payment issues, is concretizing the entire issue of the license, so that, in the next few days, they must make the contracts they have on the agenda official.

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Francesco Stifano is in charge of the llanero team that on February 8 will face Boston River from Uruguay in phase 1 of the Copa Libertadores.

For its part, Deportivo Lara announced several registrations for the team led by Jesús Ortiz.

Start of the Futve League

If everything goes well, and there is no surprise, we will have the 16 teams playing the Futve League from this February 2.

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