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Guyana miners returned to training

The management of Elías Emmoms began the preseason to play the Futve League

The deadline established by the Venezuelan Football Federation for the first division teams to catch up brought Mineros de Guayana out of the shadows.

The FVF established tonight as the deadline for the clubs that aspire to play the upcoming first division championship to deliver the documents and economic solvency, in order to renew the Club License.

Mineros was one of the four teams at risk of being left out of the upcoming tournament, given that its current board of directors had given no sign that it would continue to support this sports institution with 41 years of history in Venezuelan soccer.

But the black and blue box was reactivated yesterday, when it began its preseason at Ciudad Deportivo with the presence of the squad made up of Denilson Ojeda, Jesús Lara, Samuel Vanegas, Danny Hernández, René Flores, Karin Saab, Yanier Rodríguez, Adrián Rodríguez, Jorbert Trillo , Sebastián Jaimes, Andrés Saavedra, Víctor Navas, Tomás Zamora, José Batista, Ángel Lezama, Alberth Valenzuela, Pedro Zaragoza, Diego Roca, Alexander Acevedo and Gilberto Pildain.

The coaching staff provisionally commanded by Professor Elías Emmons was in charge of the first training session, in which emphasis was placed on the physical conditioning of the players.

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The vice president of Mineros, General Julio Fuentes Manzuli, stood up for the team's board of directors and assured that this year will be a renewal for the sports entity.

He assured that thanks to the contribution of the Government of Bolívar, the Mayor's Office of Caroní, the Venezuelan Corporation of Guayana and the Venezuelan Mining Corporation, the so-called "Gang of the South" will face the championship.

Manzuli confirmed the departure of businessman Richard Antun from the presidency of Mineros, and thanked him for the firm financial support he provided to Guyanese soccer. "Through his work, we fully recovered the CTE of Cachamay and we were able to organize the World Cup qualifying match between Venezuela and Colombia with an investment of more than a million dollars," he emphasized in statements offered to the city media.

Mineros was in 13th place in the last championship and for this new season they will depend on a young squad, led by the red wine sub-20, Bryan Alcócer, the greatest goal promise in the attack of the black and blue.

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