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Caracas is still lost and without taking off in the table

The Caracas Fútbol Club led by Francesco Stifano still hasn't found the formula that allows it to put together a streak of positive results, in an irregular start to the championship where the 1-2 defeat against the revelation, Hermanos Colmenárez, finished undressing the defensive and offensive flaws of the capitals.

In the match played at the Agustín Tovar La Carolina stadium in Barinas, the "Rojos del Ávila" showed little responsiveness to the rival's short touch game and quick transitions, which ended up keeping the three points thanks to goals from Juan Camilo Zapata (m. 29) and Julian Figueroa (m. 41), respectively.

The defense that has been commanded for most of the season by Eduardo Fereira, Carlos Rivero, Rubert Quijada and Sandro Notaroberto, continues to be slow when it comes to defending itself against rival counterattacks, added to the lack of play of substitutes Daniel Rivillo and Rosmel Villanueva.

However, central defender Diego Osío continues to emerge as an interesting alternative, but he has not had it all with him after losing ownership with Quijada's return to Venezuelan football.

As far as the midfield is concerned, the versatile Edson Castillo continues to struggle very much alone in the work of creating the game and arriving in the opposite area. Avilanians continue to miss in that sector the good footing of Leonardo Flores who went to the Colombian League.

The experienced Carlos Suárez has come from less to more but he has not been clear when it comes to dangerous occasions, not showing himself as effective as in the past, while Vicente Rodríguez has had more shadows than lights in the first moments of change, so a change of scheme could favor both.

Finally, Samson Akinyoola and Osei Bonsu, who are called to pierce the rival nets, have not had the necessary forcefulness with the Beninese showing off his speed and physical prowess but with little help from the wings; and the Ghanaian showing his effectiveness in front of goal although he is still adapting to the 4-2-3-1 scheme shaped by Stifano.

For this reason, the fight to complete the attacking trident will continue with Saúl Guarirapa, Albert Zambrano, Manuel Sulbarán, Miguel Celis and Denilson Ovando incarnated in a fight alongside Akinyoola and Bonsu, to score the goals that allow them to take off once and for all. .

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