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Caracas began to straighten up with a powerful Añor

The experienced player got on well with his teammates for the first game

One of the most recent additions to Caracas FC, Juan Pablo Añor made his debut this Saturday at the UCV Olympics with a 3-1 victory against Zulia. The experienced 28-year-old player arrived so that his new club will leave the bad streak behind.

Caracas begins to straighten up and not only for having achieved three more points in the classification in a row.

When Añor's signing was announced, expectations were high and the footballer knew how to deliver in the first match.

“After not playing for so long, after the injury I think it was the best way to start. Let's hope it's the start of a good run”, declared Añor.

There is still a way to go for Añor to increase his shooting for the Futve League, since this is the first Creole franchise of the offensive midfielder.

According to this panorama, the man from Caracas feels "excited" to belong to the team where his father and brother previously played.

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“Very excited to be able to debut here in the Venezuelan league. I am very happy to be able to wear this shirt, I hope it will be for a long time", concluded the former player of the Al-Ain.

The approach made by coach Francesco Stifano for matchday 18 of the Futve League was enough not only for Añor to shine, but for some to rediscover the goal.

This was the case of the African Samson Akinyoola, who last season established himself as the top scorer in the tournament and for this campaign he has four goals.

Unstoppable Añor-Akinyoola duo

As for sharing the field with the new member, Akinyoola said he felt "good because he has a lot of experience (Juan Pablo Añor) and it's good for me because we can both play together," said the striker.

The native of Nigeria highlighted a point that will be the key to a successful path and that is teamwork, both pieces are committed to each other and despite the fact that they have not been working together for a long time, it could be said that there is already a connection.

“We both know what to do, he knows when I'm close to make the right pass, he helps me a lot because he creates space and that feels really good. It is what we need”, said the artilleryman.

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