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Andreutti: "I don't consider the Clausura 2019 title a rematch"

Caracas midfielder Ricardo Andreutti briefly reflected on his professional career, highlighting his training journey in Italy.

«When I finished my high school I went to Italy to explore a life experience. I was with Choggia Sottomarina. Then I returned to Venezuela and I spent some glorious years in my career with Deportivo Italia (Deportivo Petare) ", explained Andreutti in a Live for the program Beyond The Goal.

At the same time, Andreutti arrives at the Avilanian team for the 2013 campaign by the hand of the pilot Eduardo Saragó, cycle in which he conquered the Venezuela Cup of that season. «In 2013 I arrived in Caracas with Saragó. We met the demands and expectations with the cup title and my career took another level, "he said.

Red and black periplo

For its part, in the 2017 harvest, the capital midfielder landed at Deportivo Lara, a delegation with which he rescued the Closing Tournament of that campaign and the following one (2018), obtaining diverse experience in Copa Libertadores.

«I knew I was going to return to Caracas when I went to Deportivo Lara. That project (with Lara) excited me and filled me a lot, it was one of the best decisions I made in my life, "he said.

Likewise, the 32-year-old experienced midfielder confessed that the coronation in San Cristóbal, for the second semester of the past, was not a revenge ritual for him. "The title against Táchira in the Clausura 2019 I do not consider a rematch, it gives an additional value that has been against them (Táchira) but we were going with a different mentality," he added.

Andreutti ended by exclaiming his experience with the different coaching staff that he had experimentally, including one of the most appreciated by the player, Manuel Plasencia.

«Manuel Plasencia was one of the technicians with whom I was most attached due to his experience and his wisdom. If he said we are going to jump into a ravine, one would do it, his knowledge of football was impressive ”, he concluded.

The Venezuelan midfielder assumes his second season with the Reds of Ávila, since his return to the organization after passing through the twilight team.

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