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Nohelis Coronel: "The tournament was ours"

Deportivo Lara always had the confidence to reach the title in the Futve Fem

The story of Nohelis Coronel has become an inspiration for all the girls who want to play soccer professionally in Venezuela and every time the Creole steps on the field there are many anecdotes to tell.

The Deportivo Lara goalkeeper is a clear example of self-improvement. A year ago -before she became champion in the league again- she suffered an injury that prevented her from walking for a while.

For this 2022 the warrior returned with more strength and a plus: Dayana Frías' confidence.

"I am super happy and grateful to my team because they never left me alone, more than a team we are a family," Coronel declared for Líder en Deportes.

The goalkeeper was the protagonist of the long-awaited victory, especially when in the decisive match she went to the penalty shootout.

«Penalties have become a strength, the coaching staff and my teammates have trusted me, of course that gives me much more confidence. We knew that if we went to penalties, the tournament was ours », he said.

Those minutes are treasured and guide his path as a professional. "These are moments of the match that one must learn to manage, we knew that the match would not be easy, however, we were sure that we could achieve it (the championship)".

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New challenge for Colonel

Having won the title in the local tournament, now the twilight eleventh focuses on the Copa Libertadores and for the first time the goalkeeper will play the continental competition.

“We know that it will not be easy, but we have the clear goal of going to compete, for that we prepare, because in Venezuela, soccer is played,” he commented.

Throughout the season, the red and black were positioned as favorites, taking the lead in the group B classification. Given this scenario, those led by Frías had the opportunity to see the Libertadores closer.

Depor will be the only Venezuelan club that will play the next edition of Libertadores Femenina, which already has rivals.

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