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Jefre Vargas: "We have zero margin of error"

José Maria Morr analyzed the rival, revealing the weak point of the Brazilians

Jefre Vargas, a player from Metropolitanos, is convinced that this will be a match where the mistakes of past matches cannot be repeated, and that the concentration of the entire team will be the key to winning against Inter Porto Alegre.

“The team is focused on what will be played this Thursday. We have to go out and look for the three points in any way against a great rival”, said the capital side.

For the international Vinotinto, this will be a match that will mainly go through the theme of "concentration during the 90 minutes", in turn he assured; “We have zero margin for error. There are two games at home to add these six points and have a chance to continue in the international cup”.

Jefre Vargas was self-critical

Regarding the purple team's presentations in the tournament, Vargas indicated: “We have made good presentations since we went out to play one on one against our rivals. However, it has been difficult for us to know how to close the games and this aspect will be important in these duels”.

On the other hand, the Metropolitan coach, José María Morr, assured that they are unique matches. "Everything done in the tournament is erased when playing in international cups," he said.

Among the keys to being able to keep the three points, the coach stressed: “You have to lead them to error. Since they come with a significant lack of confidence due to the bad results they have”.

He also specified that Inter: “is a team that scores few goals and defends itself well in the low block to make transitions to the attack and creates danger. We are sad because we know that we can give more and we have not done it ”, questioned the champion coach in 2022.

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