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Caracas surfaced with the captain's compass

The punch of Robert Hernández appeared when Caracas most needed its captain. He broke the Boca goal with an unstoppable bomb and balanced a 1-1 game dominated by the Argentines, until the striker returned faith and rescued a valuable draw for the reds against the most powerful rival in Group H of the Copa Libertadores.

From the outset, Caracas tried to intimidate Boca by releasing Bernardo Añor on the left wing to give depth to the attack with Jorge Echeverría and Anderson Contreras as squires. The first fruit of this triangulation excited, when Añor forced Andrada's stretch by putting a splendid left-handed cannon shot.

After this scare, Boca took his experience to calm the red fury. He numbed the game, took away the rhythm and managed the ball with Marcone and Reynoso. In the middle of the torpor, Villa suddenly changed speed to provoke the disorder. He put a center with no future that Ábila turned into gold. He won the position to Villanueva and as he could he took a whiplash of pure seniority to overtake the xeneizes.

Caracas conceded the blow and took refuge in his bow, fearful that Boca would become gigantic, but those of Miguel Russo dedicated themselves to timing and killing time without major concerns, except for the first appearance of Robert Hernández in a gallop on the right that culminated in a Contreras auction.

The goalkeeper Flores prevented the scoreboard from widening by covering a shot from Capaldo with his leg at the start of the second half. And immediately Hernández revived Caracas by nailing a free kick shot to the cobwebs from the upper angle. Another free kick by Bernardo Añor produced a stretched photo of Andrada to avoid Caracas' second score. Bonsu was able to liquidate it, but he took out a mass on one against and Ábila also had the shot to sentence Caracas, but his left-footed shot went wide. Caracas' next stop will be March 10 when it visits Libertad.

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