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Boca Juniors wants to sign PSG star striker

Former Colombian defender Jorge Bermúdez, a member of the Boca Juniors football council, said he wants Uruguayan striker Edinson Cavani to sign "very soon" for the club because he would give "a great hand" and that he believes the Paris Saint Germain attacker " wants” to play in the Xeneize.

“Hopefully Cavani's arrival will be very soon, he has a great capacity and would give us a great hand. I think he wants to come to Boca, ”said Bermúdez in dialogue with Radio Cooperativa.

“Hopefully, for the benefit of the club, the arrival of Cavani will happen. I don't think it's for a weight more or less. If it comes it is because of a true desire and the signs are clear, ”he added.

Former striker Diego Forlán, now coach of Peñarol, said a few days ago that he "imagines" his compatriot wearing the Xeneize jersey.

"Knowing (Juan Román) Riquelme (vice president of Boca Juniors) and Forlán, I think that Cavani could happen very soon," Bermúdez remarked.

For the Colombian, a member of the soccer council, it would be "fabulous" to have "the possibility of bringing one or two renowned players."

"Always with the approval of the coach (Miguel Ángel Russo) and our vice president," he specified.

The president of the club, Jorge Amor Ameal, said that the Uruguayan striker is "a great player" but that "he earns a lot of money in Europe" and that it would therefore be difficult to sign him.


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