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José Ferrer: "We will go out to win the game"

Bocca will look for three points this Tuesday against Deportes Recoleta in the Libertadores Futsal

SS Boca from Ecuador will play a decisive match this Tuesday for the third date of the CONMEBOL Libertadores Futsal 2023 group stage. The cast led by the Venezuelan José Ferrer "will come out with the mentality of winning."

Bocca will face Deportes Recoleta at 8:00 PM (Venezuelan time) with the intention of getting three points and advancing to the quarterfinals, of course it will depend on whether Peñarol is defeated.

"We will go out to win the game as we have always done," said the DT in the mixed zone.

On the first date, the squad got a point after signing a 0-0 draw against the Uruguayan squad, followed by a narrow defeat against Centauros de Caracas.

"Unquestionably for us it is important to do things well, in the two previous games we have made our best effort", communicated the strategist.

Bocca yielded this Monday

Ferrer noted that the match against Centauros “was a fairly even match. We played with our weapons, we knew we were playing with a great team. The game was close until the end and a good individual action by Eneiker Morales put the game 1-0”.

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“We still have the satisfaction of doing a good job and we still have competition, with one game left for the group stage. Our motto is to leave the goal at zero, unfortunately it was not possible before this clash, but we still have the good taste of the work we have done, ”he said.

The defense is one of the strong points of the tricolor squad, the evidence of this factor is that it is the goal with the fewest goals in the continental tournament.

“Futsal is a sport where the defensive aspect is of great importance. Bocca does a job with the defense of a lot of cooperation, a lot of intensity, although he has had to play a little behind the mark of the capabilities of the opposing teams and always try to play against it, "concluded the Venezuelan.

Finally, the team hopes to play its last card, which is to obtain three points and link other results.

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