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Rudiger wants another Champions for 2023

The German defender wants to start in the Champions League with Real Madrid

Antonio Rudiger assured that it is "a great honor" to be coached by Carlo Ancelotti at Real Madrid and showed his hope of "winning another shiitake mushrooms» after the one achieved with Chelsea.

«For me it is a great honor to work with Carlo Ancelotti. I am convinced that I can still learn much more from him and I hope that he will help me win another 'Champions'”, he told the club's media.

Rudiger revealed that his childhood idol was Brazilian striker Ronaldo Nazario, with whom he spoke after deciding to play for Real Madrid.

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“When we were children and we played football in the street, Ronaldo was our idol. When I signed I spoke with him by video call. He was very happy and very nervous at the same time," he noted.

The German defender showed his enthusiasm for the new stage he faces in his career after triumphing at Chelsea. "I appreciate being at Real Madrid. It is as if I am dreaming, but it is real and I feel immense pleasure. I've never seen anything like this before, Real Madrid City is simply spectacular, it excites me and I look forward to the day I train there," said Rudiger.

“I am a player with character. It is difficult to improve your speed, but I am lucky because it is something that I have thanks to my genetics.

In the field I am a person focused exclusively on work, but outside of it I am funny, I like to laugh and that people have a good time. But above all, I am able to laugh at myself, "Rudiger described himself.


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