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Premier League prioritizes ending season

Footballers Association (PFA) CEO Gordon Taylor said ending the season, no matter how late, is the Premier League's priority.

"It is at the top of our agenda," Taylor said in statements to the British BBC network at the same time that he asked the agents involved in the game, especially the televisions, to be "flexible".

The Premier League has been idle for weeks, without a specific date for its return, after the return scheduled for April 30 has been postponed indefinitely, waiting for the coronavirus crisis to pass.

Another issue that brings English football headlong is that of player salaries. The Premier asked the clubs to reduce the salary of their footballers by 30%, a decision criticized by the PFA because it understands that it would harm the British health system.

“I can only repeat that the players are aware of their social responsibilities and are ready to take a step forward. Players want to help charity and donate, but they don't want their money to be used for things they haven't agreed to, "said Taylor.

For the president of the PFA, the best way to solve this problem is for each club to negotiate directly with the footballers, a process that would be more expensive and lengthy.


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