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Maradona was presented in Naples 38 years ago

Maradona already arrived as a star, from the Spanish Barcelona

A love for life. This is how you can summarize what Diego Maradona and the Naples fans experienced for seven years.

A day like today, 38 years ago, began the idyll between 'the 10' with the city of Naples, located in southern Italy, and his club.

On July 5, 1984, the team presented to the Argentine soccer player in a crowded San Paolo stadium -which now bears the name of Maradona- as its new player.

Maradona already arrived as a star, from the Spanish Barcelona, ​​but it was there, in Naples, where his figure grew.

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On that hot summer afternoon, the Argentine dressed in a white T-shirt and a light blue sweatshirt, with his black hair curling in the sun, greeted the 80.000 fans present in the stadium with his arms raised and then began to juggle the ball before an audience that was immediately struck by his genius.

Diego Armando Maradona (Photo: Agencies)

That July 5 began one of the strongest romances that football has ever seen and that, despite the death of the idol on November 25, 2020, seems to have no end.

For the 14.000 billion lire ($10,5 million) the Italian club paid Barcelona, ​​Napoli immediately began to see the first fruits of that investment.

And Maradona repaid with his crack plays and his goals every applause from the Neapolitan fans in seven seasons in which he showed his best version and surpassed himself.

He made a team that was considered almost Serie B shine and that had miraculously avoided relegation for three seasons in a row.

World benchmark

He elevated the Gli Azzurri (The Blues) to the top of world football in what many consider his best decade as a player, the 80s, and was exalted as the referent of the class dispute of a divided Italian society and whose struggles They were brought onto the field of play. There Maradona, with his triumphs on the field, simply became immortal for the city of Naples.

And with the Diego of the people, the Diego that caused a revolution in Italian football, Napoli won five titles: the 1987 Serie A and 1990 Serie A 'scudettos', the 1987 Italian Cup, the 1989 UEFA Cup and the 1990 Super Cup.

left its mark

In addition, Maradona scored 115 goals and gave 78 assists in 259 games played, he was the top scorer in the Italian league in 1987 and in the Italian Cup in 1988.

Titles considered historic in Italian football, since it was a league dominated by powerful clubs, those from the North, such as Milan, Inter, Juventus, who still rule in that country; but that they were surpassed at that time by one from the South commanded by Maradona, the star that illuminated a formation without great figures.

Argentina and the world still mourn him, on every occasion, with every memory, but Naples will always have him in his heart, so much so that over the years, the 5th of July was declared by Neapolitan fans as 'the Day of loyalty to Maradona' and his shirt 10 was also withdrawn by the team.


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