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Ancelotti: "he stays and does it with motivation"

The Real Madrid coach spoke about the Belgian Eden Hazard

Belgian striker Eden Hazard, back after his operation a few days ago, "stays" at Real Madrid Madrid next season, announced his coach Carlo Ancelotti on Saturday at a press conference, before the game of the penultimate day of LaLiga in Cadiz.

"We haven't talked about it. His plan is clear: he stays and he does it with motivation because he hasn't had a good time in recent years and he wants to show his quality. He stays to demonstrate his quality," said Ancelotti.

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After returning to collective training on Tuesday after an operation, which consisted of removing in March the titanium plate that had kept his right fibula since November 2019, Hazard, with a contract until June 2024, could play a few minutes before the end of the season , which was his goal.

"Ancelotti" did not want to trust if he would start as a starter or be a substitute.

«There are many games, there is fatigue, there will be rotations, although this year there have not been many. Everyone can have their chances. Being a starter on a great team is very difficult for everyone, not just for the players who play less”, he explained.

Praise to Rodrygo

«I still think that the quantity of the minutes is not as important as the quality. This year we have the clear example of Rodrygo, who hasn't played many minutes, but has played quality and made a difference," Ancelotti said.

Hazard, 31, will thus be able to star in his great return to the Bernabéu on the last day of the League, on Sunday June 22 against Betis. 

And it will be an important reinforcement for Ancelotti with a view to the Champions League final in Paris, on Saturday May 28 against Liverpool.

Hazard could also reappear with the Belgian team for matches against the Netherlands (June 3), Poland (June 8 and 14) and Wales (June 11) in the Nations League.


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