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They will increase the prize pot for owners

The increase will benefit riders, owners, breeders and trainers

The superintendent of Equestrian Activities and president of the National Institute of Hipódromo Antonio "Potro" Álvarez, announced the increase in the prize for the races of losers starting next season in La Rinconada.

The information was disclosed in an interview with the Certeza Hípica program and in which he also stated that he plans to hold three horse riding days weekly in the main horse riding circuit and the growth of the horse riding industry is fully guaranteed.

This new prize increase goes to the direct benefit of the show and favors owners, trainers, jockeys, stable breeders, jockey agents and staff who work in the stables of the car circuit who receive a percentage for each race.

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Álvarez affirmed that in the course of the week he will announce the name of the invited riders who will participate during the 2022 Equestrian Series races in La Rinconada, with total security for the equestrian fans who will return to the stands to enjoy their favorite pastime. live.

The entrance to witness the Caribbean Equestrian Series will be completely free and it is hoped to start charging from the next racing season.

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