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Victorious was the first

Victorious with Gustavo Ávila surpassed El Rebelde in 1966

The history of the International Classic of the Caribbean is fantastic, and the first winner was a Venezuelan horse, born in the La Quinta stud farm, named Victoreado in 1966.

The remembered and fabulous son of Viviani in Yeyela, together with his sister Vélika, represented in Puerto Rico at the El Comandante Racetrack in 1966, the elevation of our calf and was victorious with Gustavo "El Monstruo" Ávila and trainer Domingo Noguera Mora, in defense of stud Raga.

That time, the horse Victoreado passed the Puerto Rican El Rebelde on the outside, and the epic of the Caribbean began. That time, he scored 118 ”1 for the 1.800 meters and left a true story on record, precisely on June 26, 1966.

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Victoreado ran a total of 65 times, taking the circuits of Venezuela, Puerto Rico and Panama as the stage, managing to win 20 times in his successful campaign, leaving figures of 646.536 bolivars accumulated in his saddlebags in cash.

In that episode of the Caribbean, his sister Vélika arrived in the third box with Rogelio Cortez and the care of Ademar Piñango.

Victoreado died on June 21, 1973 in the Karen Sissy stud farm, coming to have solid offspring in the breeding, such as Vitriolo, Del Caribe, Catuchagua, Victorino, Gone Victory, Vivavén, Rosa Francia, among others. He was a great champion.

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