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Ushba Treasure crowned in the Dubai World Cup

The Japanese finished off hard in the final stages to take the important victory

Once again the Japanese equestrian stands out in the best international competitions by winning with her pupil Ushba Tesoro in the Dubai World Cup, held as the most important test of the billboard presented yesterday by the Meydan racecourse, in the United Arab Emirates .

In a hard-fought race from the start, the steed ridden by Yuga Kawada was among the last while Panthalassa, winner of the Saudi Cup on February 25 at King Abdulaziz Racecourse, led the way, but without the same consistency, closely followed by Geoglyph and Café Pharoah who displaced him to star in a strong fight for first place.

In this way, the first meters always passed with Café Pharoah and Geoglyph fighting for the lead and Panthalassa in third ahead of Super Corinto, while Ushba Tesoro began to advance from the back.

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At the beginning of the final stretch Algiers moved and when it seemed that they had everything under their control, Ushba Tesoro emerged from the bottom of the track to reduce the advantage and defeat the leaders a few meters from the finish and get the victory easily over Algiers.

The third position corresponded to Country Grammer in the final pass and fourth finished TO Keynes.

Ushba Tesoro is a Japanese son of Orfevre in Millefuittach, by King Kamehameha, trained by Noboru Takagj, who achieved his victory number nine in 29 appearances, of which seven are on sand and two on grass.

favorites failed

The great favorites Panthalassa and Country Grammer disappointed in their respective performances, falling all the projections and forecasts of those who took the victory of one of the two for granted, where there was talk of revenge and a new duel or match, something that was never seen and on the contrary, they finished without any chance.

The King of the test was the surprising Ushba Treasure.

Japanese dazzle

In recent equestrian events worldwide, the cigars representing Japan have shown excellent conditions, which makes it clear that their level has been gradually rising, which has even generated victories over excellent riders from countries like the United States and England. among others.

Recently, to name the most important, we saw the victory of Panthalassa in the Saudi Cup and now we have witnessed the victory of Ushba in the Dubai World Cup, surprising in the important competition.

Japan has gone from less to more in terms of quality, which suggests that in the coming years it will be very difficult to surpass its runners, since its breeding and training is above that of many countries, dazzling the fans of the sport of kings, as is cigar racing.

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