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Tuki Montón stole the 2019 show in Valencia

After the cessation of activities in the Valencia arena, we will indicate our champion sheet throughout the 2019 season in the country's central circuit.
Let's look at the list of winners:
Horse of the Year: Tuki Montón
Tresañera: Mrs. Ornella
Tresañero: The Great Navarro
Ripe: Water Pile
Mature: Tuki Heap
Sprinter: King Champ
Coach: Jesús Carfunjol
Rider: Perfect Kelvin
Stud: Ferralic
Stallion: Water Poet
Haras: Beautiful View

With enhancement
The triple crowned 2017: Tuki Montón took the laurels of the highest ranking classic events in the Hinava, namely: Owners of Valencia, Valencia Gold Cup and King Juancho Cup.

He is a son of Treasure Cay in La Guacovía, for Seeking a Dream, which was titled with the riders: Maykor Ibarra, Jhonathan Aray and Iván Pimentel Jr; always in the care of the trainner Carlos Escobar Jr. in defense of the stud Del Montón, being born in the haras Vista Hermosa.

A triple headband
One of the most significant feats is the Triple Crown, and the three-year-old Mrs. Ornella took that parchment to win the Classic events: Valencia National Racecourse, Valencia City and Juan José Flores; in addition to the Heart of Gold and Princess Whiteface Cups.

It is a descendant of AP Xcellent in Pentagrama, by Gold Dollar, a representative of the Los Nonnos stud who rode the riders Fernando “El Pájaro” José García and Víctor Rodríguez, always under the care of Carlos Reverol and Jusesky Cisneros.

The champion Water Montón occupied golden pages by winning 5 valuable selective competitions, being the most distinguished among the mature mares on the central stage of Valencia.

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