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Triple crowned Sandovalera heading to reproduction

It will go as a womb to the Los Samanes stud farm after a successful 15-10 campaign in Caracas

Finally, the people of the San Ros stud decided to put an end to the campaign of the brand new triple crowned 2021: Sandovalera, when last Thursday she was sent to reproduction to act as a womb, specifically to the Los Samanes stud farm.

A great idol of the people, who captivated the hearts of all the equestrians in Venezuela, thanks to her great strides on the Caracas track and took over the title of Horse of the Year 2021 in the country.

Sandovalera electrified during his campaign at the beginning in the hands of Nelson Castillo, and then passed into the hands of Ricardo Rosillo, always with his official rider Jaime "El Pocho" Lugo; and in 2021 he reached the triple diadem of mares, as was the La Rinconada Hippodrome, the National Equestrian Press and General Joaquín Crespo; letting go of his foray into the Simón Bolívar and went to the International Classic of the Caribbean with Emisael Jaramillo to represent Venezuela in Puerto Rico in the Camarero oval, to arrive last due to misapplied lasix, as is known by all, as indicated by the trainer Oscar Manuel González.

In 2022, he complied and came 2nd in the Bolívar against Danierold and then failed in the Confraternidad del Caribe.

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