Monday, August 15, 2022
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They remodel the railings of the main track of INH

A series of beneficial arrangements is being made to the railings of the main track of the La Rinconada oval, both internal and external, for the care and protection of the riders and thoroughbreds who work daily in gallops and on weekends in tests public.

The board of the equestrian house, in its eagerness to place in order and fullness all the areas of the La Rinconada Racecourse, the main one in the country, put its hand to the railings, already somewhat deteriorated.

All around it, both the exterior and interior railings of the track are being refurbished with new material, thanks to the management of the president of the National Institute of Racecourses (INH) and Superintendent of Equestrian Activities (Sunahip): Antonio “El Potro ” Alvarez.

In the twitter of the social network of the INH it is read. “We open the year 2022!! How Has All The Management Of Our National Superintendent Of Equestrian Activities Antonio Álvarez Working! Now in the maintenance in the areas of the railings in La Rinconada!”.

The main track of the oval of La Rinconada has 1.800 meters, apart from the two shuts, the one of 1.600 meters in the front straight or called the stables, and in the background the final straight that is the one of the apparatuses or the games of long-distance racing.

That is to say, that the entire length of the railings are being refurbished with new material, for better protection of the lives of the riders and even of the race thoroughbreds, who spend the night in La Rinconada.

In the images of the equestrian center on the official twitter of the INH @OficialINH, the work that the maintenance, blacksmith and engineering workers do with the railings of the main track of the Coche arena is carefully observed.

Everything suggests that the Caracas oval will be "pepito" for the dispute of the 2022 Caribbean Equestrian Series, since it will be the venue for the international event this equestrian season.

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