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There are ten races in La Rinconada

They scored 107 steeds for the third meeting of the season in the Caracas oval

A schedule of 10 competitions was structured to hold the third meeting of this season at La Rinconada Racetrack, without selective tests and the traditional game of 5 and 6 as one of the main attractions.

The usual Sunday session will begin at 1:30 in the afternoon for horses 5 years old and over, rookies or non-winners in a distance of 1.100 meters, with King Eduardo, presented by Germán Rojas, led by Jhonatan Aray and ranked number one, it will jump as one of the listed ones.

One of the most attractive tests will be the second of the afternoon for winners of 5 and 6 races on a 1.400-meter course, with Papa Aniello, winner in his most recent outing, as one of the top contenders riding Jaime Lugo Jr. and training by Antonio Bellardi.

5 and 6

The traditional game of millions will begin at the height of the fifth test for 3 and 4-year-old mares, rookies or non-winners in 1.200 meters.

In this race, the rookie Ambrosia, a pupil of Stud ZM, which will be ridden by Robert Capriles, has looked enormous during training and, according to information from the timers of the Car oval, she is ready to defeat to their adversaries.

The one presented by Fernando Parilli Tota has a pass of 800 in 51”2, with a finish of 12”2, without being required.

Another of the probable bases for the popular game of millions that is validated in the national and international modalities is Steinbrenner, a chestnut from the La Primavera stud farm that in his past occupied the fifth box of Papá Aniello and has progressed in the works.

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For this occasion, the pupil of Ademar Rodríguez, will start for the best position on the track and will have a four-kilo release that will be provided by the apprentice Adrián Montes.

Mattery, led by Robert Capriles and trained by Gabriel Márquez, will be one of his main enemies, due to his previous performances.

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