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There are 4 retired in Valencia and one in La Rinconada

A total of five copies will not be from the game this week due to problems

At the close of this edition, a total of 5 fine-blooded horses have appeared that officially deserted from the weekend races for various reasons, between the Valencia and La Rinconada circuits.

In the equestrian competitions of Carabobo, according to the twitter of the National Racecourse of Valencia, a total of 4 animals have been officially withdrawn from the meeting 5.

The mare Crazy Go (2) who was going to compete in the 1.400 meter stretch was withdrawn from the second race and the reason was due to Regulations on this occasion.

In the third fair, El Gran Yayo (2) also deserted for the reason of the Regulatory Provision of the match that is going to be run on a 1.100-meter route and is the beginning of the game of millions, such as 5 and 6, the bet most attractive of Venezuelans and who has lived in the country for more than 78 years.

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Already for the second valid, the horse One Way (5) presented colic and for this reason it will not be part of the 1.400-meter route.

And for the fifth part of 5 and 6, the mare Mother Love (8) presented lameness of the right forelimb, and will not be able to intervene due to this ailment in the 1.400 meters.

Those are the 4 copies officially withdrawn according to the twitter of the Carabobo equestrian house, so far.

Out King Riddle

And in the official list of animals withdrawn at the La Rinconada Racecourse, there is only one specimen that was going to run in the national 5 and 6 game, as one of the great favorites for victory.

And it is about the horse Rey Enigma (5) who was entered in the tenth joust and presented an abscess in the right hind limb and is not fit for the 1.100-meter joust.

In this way, the horse Contratiempo is presented with the race, in the absence of Gabriel Márquez's pupil who will not be able to intervene in the fifth of 5 and 6 in the short section, due to having this problem in one of its members.

In such a way, that there is only one retired in La Rinconada.

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