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The rider Daniel Hernández under magnifying glass

Coach Correia was not satisfied with the performance of the Extremo exemplary

In response to a complaint made by the trainer Humberto Correia before the commissioners of the La Rinconada Racetrack for the performance of the jockey Daniel Hernández on his presented Extremo in the second valid of the game of 5 and 6, the horse racing authorities opened the respective administrative inquiries.

The resolutions published by the institute on its Official Twitter account INH show the following:

"In response to the complaint made by the coach Humberto Correia, holder of the Identity Card V-6.965.129, where he expressed his disagreement with the performance of the extremo No. 6 (Daniel Hernández), this board of commissioners proceeds to open the administrative investigation, in accordance with articles 5, 14, 17, 18 and 262 of the National Racing Regulations. Likewise, citizens Humberto Correia and Daniel Hernández are notified to appear before the office of the INH resident commissioner, next Monday, March 20, 2023 between 10:00 and 10:30 a.m. respectively, for the purposes of give an interview."

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Extremo participated as one of the favorites of the seventh race and escorted the winner Gunpower three lengths ahead, a performance that did not please Correia, who expressed his disagreement before the equestrian judges of the main oval in the country.


The stewards also fined jockey Jervis Alvarado 10 units for filing an unfounded claim against his colleague Robert Capriles at the conclusion of the second race of the program.

In said competition, Alvarado rode Candoroso, a horse that occupied the fifth box more than 16 lengths behind the winner Growing Nel with Capriles and at the end he presented the claim that was dismissed by the referees.

The commissioners also fined coach José Gregorio García two units for not presenting his official equerry up to the last valid for the game of 5 and 6 with his presented (Mi Tacataca No. 03).

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