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They study return to careers for the second semester

It emerged on the premises of the La Rinconada Racetrack, which is run in June, as a likely starting point for the resumption of horse racing at the racetracks of La Rinconada and Valencia, yes, without public assistance.

The truth of the case is that the activity of the tracheos has remained unchanged in the two ovals attached to the Instituto Nacional de Hipódromos. In Caracas, the exercise days are from Monday to Friday, until eleven in the morning, and the same thing happens in the Cabriales oval, so there would be no problem regarding the condition of the specimens for their reappearance in public tests.

As in most racetracks in the world, horse riding was suspended in Venezuela to prevent it from serving as a means of spreading COVID-19.

Month and a half without competition

The last race day at the Hipódromo La Rinconada took place on Sunday, March 8, reason why little more than seven weeks have passed with the horse show paralyzed, although the exercises of the horses have not stopped.

Trainers consulted indicate that they have remained pending on the condition of the equines, attending the days of tracheos, waiting for a pronouncement from the authorities. 

One fact is notorious and that is that the restart of horse riding and any sporting event, goes through the conclusion of the social quarantineThis fact has not yet been definitively established by the national government, although it has become somewhat flexible in recent days, both with children and adolescents and with older adults.

And here it is worth mentioning the fact that for there to be races, it is necessary to have an established schedule, which must be discussed and approved by the Liquidation Board of the National Institute of Racetracks.

Meeting at HINAVA

It could be known that for this Friday, May 1 has been summoned a meeting between the Regional Director of the Valencia General Racecourse, Róger Hernández Hernández, with the coaches and stud representatives, at the picadero (tribune of tracheos).

This meeting indicates that it is for matters of general interest. The communiqué concludes by thanking the coaches for bringing the written list of the individuals suitable to participate in public tests.

The coaches and stud representatives representing the meeting, will be informed, by the authorities, of everything that has to do with the horse show and that is why this kind of census is requested of the horses suitable for running.

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