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Strength Gaels fast apparatus with 800 in 49”4

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Aktolgali (10th Race) 600 in 39”2 with 13”super comfortable in the saddle

Blessed (2nd Race) 400 in 27”4 with 12”4 contained in hair

Brianna (8th Race) 800 in 51”2 with 13” of the device at the shot, her chair rolled over

Catira Daniela (3rd Race) 400 in 32”3 with 17”1 contained in hair

Chon Brady (9th Race) 800 in 58”3 with 15”2 in the chair throw

Dumpling (9th Race) 400 in 28”2 with 15”3 contained in the final stretch and in the hair (Pus. Gr.)

Flor del Teide (3rd Race) 600 in 40”2 with 13”3 at will on hair

Illustrious (9th Race) 400 in 31”1 in the chair throw

Kingston (10th Race) 500 in 32”4 with 12”1 contained in hair

Li Tre Fratelli (5th Race) 600 in 41”1 With 13”2 without doing anything in the saddle

Luz del Valle (8th Race) 400 in 32”3 with 16”1 easy in hair

Moro de Oro (5th Race) 600 in 41” with 13”1 hair content

Padel (5th Race) 400 in 29”4 with 14”4 comfortable in hair

Oni David (11th Race) 400 in 30”4 of the apparatus on hair (Pus. BB)

Papa Aniello (6th Race) 600 in 45”2 with 15”4 very comfortable in hair

Party Prince (2nd Race) 800 in 50” with 13”1 to the saddle apparatus shot

Strength Gaels (11th Race) 800 in 49”4 with 12”4 on the shot and extremely fast from the moment he started from the apparatus.

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