Sunday, August 14, 2022
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Simón Bolívar exhibits a highly ranked pot

A good prize bag will have the Simón Bolívar 2021 Classic Grand Prize, to be staged on Sunday, October 31 at the La Rinconada arena, since the authorities of the equestrian house had an additional pot of 50 thousand dollars to be distributed in international currencies .

The truth is that this addition in the award ceremony of the event, we can take it as a considerable advance, if we take account, since in the comparison of the year 2019 the figure of 2.500 dollars was distributed and in 2020 a total of 16.000 was given dollars as a prize in the 2.400 meters, in the international court test.

In this way, the event will count in two weeks, with a large group of specimens aged 3 and over, since the event was open to mature specimens, since Apistos won it the previous year.

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