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Santiago González leads among riders in Belterra Park oval

Until yesterday Sonny León had a total of 3 first in that racecourse

The Venezuelan jockey Santiago González continues to show a high performance in horse racing in the United States, because yesterday morning he woke up with 11 wins in the first place of the statistics at the Belterra Park racecourse in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Santiago, as usual, has had a good campaign and proof of this is his 36 victories so far this year, which completes 679 for life in North American racing.

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For tomorrow, Santiago has two commitments at Churchill Downs, plus the four signed for Wednesday the 18th at Belterra Park itself, giving us a grand total of six.

That same day at the Horseshoe Indianapolis, he will be present at the Caesars Stakes, a selective event, to drive the exemplary Slim Slow Slider, which shows that he is a jockey in high demand in the equestrian world.

Sonny present

The winning jockey of the 2022 Kentucky Derby with Rich Strike, also performs at Belterra Park Racecourse, where as of yesterday he had a total of 4 wins.

This weekend Sonny is going to be very busy as, as is now public knowledge, he will not be in the Preakness Stakes, but for example today and tomorrow he will be in action at Churchill Downs. This afternoon he will have three mounts and tomorrow two.

In Horseshoe Indianapolis he has a mount on the 17th, that is, on Tuesday and, God willing, he will be in six races on Wednesday the 18th and six more on Thursday the 19th. This day will complement the day with a mount in Horseshoe Indianapolis.

Aside from being victorious in the Kentucky Derby, Sonny is a winning jockey at Kentucky and Ohio, so it's no wonder the high number of mounts he has each week.

They are the Venezuelan equestrian professionals who, week after week, reap success due to their professional quality, demonstrated in many racetracks, in the United States and the world.


  1. Congratulations Champion, your professionalism, humility and perseverance will continue to give you triumphs and satisfaction, you are a young patriot, an example to follow...

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