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Samson defeated Big Thunder in the Owners

The horse won the Valencian Owners Classic

In a finish not suitable for the faint of heart, the horse Sansón defeated the champion Gran Trueno from the outside and took him half a length over the finish line to take the victory in the Valencian Owners Classic after booking 133”2 for the 2.000-meter route in Carabobo, last Saturday.

From the final corner, Sansón appeared on the outside while Gran Thunder moved inside and came into the profit, and on the final scratch Sansón displaced him with the jockey Jhonatan Chacón and the care of Alejandro Ortiz for the "Bálbico Los Hermanos" motto and leave his 18-9 campaign.

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King Jesús and Pinturero -who set off stumbling when raising his hands- passed passages of 24”2, 50”1, 77”3 and 104”2 on the route to the curve.

The slate was completed by Big Tito, the triple crowned Tuki Montón and King Jesús in the exciting harvest.

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