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Robert Capriles again with agent Hernán Rengifo

El líder of the statistics, without victories last week, hired the services of the ex-whip

As was speculated in recent days in the equestrian world, the labor relations between Ramón García Sr. and Robert Capriles came to an end after a string of successes and some disagreements in the selection of mounts.

Apparently, the frequent visit of the apprentice Hemirxon Medina to the winners' enclosure, also under the advice of Ramón García and the downturn of the líder From the statistics that last week went blank, the team reached an agreement for Capriles to change the secretary and his agent to stay with the apprentice of the moment.

It was possible to know in the groups of La Rinconada and on social networks, that Capriles hired the services of Hernán Rengifo, with whom he worked during his beginnings in the Car oval and achieved resounding victories and titles.

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Rengifo, son of the remembered jockey with the same name and brother of Roger Rengifo, is an experienced jockey agent who perfectly knows the secrets of the trade who also works with the horsewoman Cindy Carrero and, once again, must form a productive team with the Falconian that in his career he has a long list of agents who have provided him with services.

For his part, Ramón el “Gallego” García, with the advantage of having two coaching sons, is also skilful in the selection of mounts and will know how to take advantage of the rise of the apprentice Hemirxon Medina in the coming weeks.

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