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Rider Francisco Urdaneta showed off with his drivers

The rider Francisco Urdaneta, who had not crossed the finish line at the top of the scoreboard for more than two months, achieved three victories and was the most outstanding professional of the day held last Sunday at La Rinconada.

Urdaneta won the fourth race by regulation by crossing the finish line in second place for Soy de Mariana with the tordilla Lady Di, but was raised to first place due to the stumbling blocks caused by Jaime Ligo with Soy de Mariana to Pricesa Zoe.

In the fifth of the 5 and 6 he imposed on Hrimfaxi, to close the Sunday session with Winner Point in good demonstration, to reach 26 wins in the season.

Another jockey that showed off was Jaime Lugo Junior when he beat Jota Eme in the second and Rich Again in the fifth, both presented by Radamés Santamaría, who was the most outstanding coach of the day with those two victories. Lugo reached 21 photos in the year and Santamaría completed his award number 23.


The breeding establishment Urama triumphed twice through Brave Yole and Gran Diego in the second and fourth valid on 5 and 6, to reach 39 conquests in the season.

Featured in Valencia

The riders Fernando García and Omer Martínez, as well as the coaches Henry Trujillo and Alejandro Ortiz, were the most outstanding professionals in the Saturday program held at the National Hippodrome of Valencia, a circuit in which the Urama farm visited the winner's venue twice.

García led Campeón Negro to victory in the third in the afternoon and repeated with Zacapa in the valid fourth.

Martínez, one of the most effective riders on the Cabriales circuit, excelled in the driving of Sara Princes in the race that opened the meeting, to later win with Go Milan Go in the second valid of the 5 and 6.

Trujillo impeccably presented Campeón Negro in the third test and Zacapa in the fourth of the pool, while Ortiz took the photo with Bricek Friend in the first valid Samson in the fourth of the millionaire game.

The haras Urama won with Sara Prince and Black Champion.

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