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Ramón García Mosquera: the owner of the classics

According to the Twitter account of the Instituto Nacional de Hipódromos, which is equivalent to saying the official numbers, coach Ramón García Mosquera won six victories in Grade 1 classics, resulting in the líder in that line, in the just finished 2019 season.

To tell the truth, the campaign that ended in December was fruitful for the aforementioned coach, who, according to official numbers, also took the lead in classic competitions, with a total of 15 of them, according to the numbers of the horse racing system of the Últimas Noticias Group, leading Reynaldo Yánez, 2019 coach champion and Ramiro Caldeira. They won 12 and 6 classic competitions, respectively

The triple crown of mares
Ramón García Mosquera triumphed in three grade 1 classics with the three-year-old girl from Afrodita de Padua; two with Endrygol and one with Go Sexy Go. It is noteworthy that the first and third are dapple.

The three that Aphrodite of Padua conquered were those of the triple crown of mares, namely: La Rinconada Racecourse, National Equestrian Press and General Joaquín Crespo. As for Endrygol, he received it in the winners' enclosure at the Simón Bolívar Classic Grand Prix and the Cruz del Ávila. With Go Sexy Go he won the National Horse Show.

My list
The classic triumphs were achieved like this: Eduardo Larrazábal (Endrygol); Gustavo J. Sanabria (Endrygol); Blondy (Endrygol); Senegal (Aphrodite of Padua); Pennsylvania (Visionary); Uniproca (The Strict); La Rinconada Racecourse (Aphrodite of Padua); Prensa Hípica Nacional (Aphrodite from Padua; General Joaquín Crespo (Aphrodite from Padua); Bolivarian National Army (Visionaria); Gustavo Ávila (Go Sexy Go); Cruz del Ávila (Endrygol); Hípica Nacional (Go Sexy Go); Simón Grand Prize Bolívar (Endrygol) and Ezequiel Zamora (Visionaria).

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