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Ramón García brought out a fleet of 13 copies

Six horses from his stable will participate in the pool on Sunday in Caracas

Although he does not take first-order animals in the 4 classic events to be held next Sunday in the Coche oval, the training professional Ramón García Mosquera scored 13 steeds to continue vibrating in search of more victories in the arena.

After achieving the mark for a day of 7 victories last Sunday in La Rinconada, the trainer García climbed to the top with 21 victories and distanced himself from his rivals at the top, so this week we must not neglect him, since he has a large fleet of finebloods in his care.

García Mosquera will start with Sun Classic, The King Zeus and Navegante in the second harvest, in which the undefeated Growing Nel emerges as the greatest exponent to defeat with authority in the 1.200-meter stretch of the route.

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Then in the third, within the framework of the Eduardo Larrázabal Classic in tribute to the eminent veterinarian; the train líder Garcia scored the fast Strength Caryus and Brave Yole, but they will have to face the fast La Sensacional who emerges with the first option in the 1.200-meter shot of the course.

Later in the fourth joust, in which the Classic Socopó is celebrated in homage to the first national horse that won the Simón Bolívar in 1966; García Mosquera went with the equine Hakugei that will face the great favorite Futuro in the 1.200 meter stretch. And at the end of the invalid ones, in the 2.000 meter National Horse Riding Classic, the trainer líder he signed up with Yaqui Designs who will compete against the classified mare Philomena, a pistera who won the Dama del Caribe 2022.

5 and 6 key

At the start of the national pool, in the Clásico Jockey Club de Venezuela in the 1.800 meter shot, Ramón García entered the horse Patriley that will be measured against several blank animals such as Templario, Barywhite, El De Froix and the nascent Gran Pepe, in an exciting and alternative career.

In the second valid match, Rey Vulcano appears, an animal that always comes close in the finals and does not crystallize, but we must consider it when sealing the combinations.

In the fifth valid, García scored The Big Loius and Contratiempo, having the second of those named the great option to crystallize in the fifth link in the 1.100-meter section of distance.

And at the close, in the fair of the accumulated pots, García will ensile High Quality who comes out inside and Rosa Morena who usually starts late, but the lot is so modest that anything can happen in the comparison of lowering the curtain of the only Caracas meeting.

We must be aware of the aforementioned specimens from the stable of the líder García Mosquera, since his animals are frequently winning.


  1. The 5 and 6 in Venezuela 🇻🇪 is providing great satisfaction and more with the dividends that the winning squares with 6 hits are throwing.

    The trainer Ramón García M. is standing out in a masterly way, and to strip him of the title they will have to run him.

    Seal the national 5 and 6, the game of the majority and enjoy the beautiful racetrack and that great show.

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