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Introduced Caribbean Logo

El Clásico will be played on Sunday, December 11 at the La Rinconada oval

A refreshing piece of news happened last Wednesday throughout the Latin American area, given that the official logo of the 2022 Caribbean International Classic was shown, to be played next Sunday, December 11, at the La Rinconada oval grounds, with a guaranteed pot of more than one million dollars to be distributed among six international court tests.

The members of the board of directors of the Caribbean Equestrian Confederation, headed by the figure of its president Alberto "Droopy" Paz Rodríguez, together with the Superintendent of Equestrian Activities and president of the National Institute of Racecourses: Antonio "El Potro" Álvarez, gave Know through social networks, the official logo of the 2022 Caribbean Horse Series event.

The Organizing Committee presented the logo of the Clásico del Caribe 2022, which demonstrates the great enthusiasm for the six events that will be held in the second week of December in the Coche patio.

It is hoped that the best horses in the area of ​​Mexico, Ecuador, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Panama, together with the host Venezuela; show the best equine cards, as well as the best horsemen from each land in the Caribbean area.

This could give credence to having a high-carat Caribbean 5 and 6, whose amounts will break all previous records in both pool modalities.

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